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Specially designed to repair concrete and mortar damaged by natural erosion, FLASHCRETE and FLASHCRETE + from Kerneos offer construction and public works professionals a wide range of possible applications: buildings, roads, networks, joints, etc.


Thanks to the unique "CIMENT FONDU®®" technology, 100% Calcium Aluminate Binder, Kerneos has developed a very quick-setting ready-to-use mortar: FAST & FONDU®®. For small masonry projects, such as sealing or attachments, both vertical and horizontal, FAST & FONDU® guarantees a prompt return to use.


FONDUCRETE M (repair mortar) and FONDUCRETE C (repair concrete) from Kerneos are made from special cements that provide a rapid set and early strengh. These multipurpose, easy-to-use products are ideal for all types of projects subject to extreme conditions (weather, environment, etc.).

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