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Kerneos: World leader for cements and alumina mortars

Kerneos has developed expertise in calcium aluminates for more than 100 years, when it created its signature product: CIMENT FONDU®. Since that time, the company has specialized in cements and refractory mortars, developing an entire range of innovative products for construction and public works.

The world's leading manufacturer of cements and alumina cement-based finished products, Kerneos makes its extensive expertise available to professionals in the construction industry, in order to meet the needs of technical projects which are increasingly demanding in terms of performance, resistance and durability.

Innovation and quality

Kerneos' growth is based on innovation.

Throughout the world, the group's facilities currently include a central research center and 4 technical development laboratories that strive each day to design increasingly high-performance materials in order to anticipate the needs of a sector that is constantly evolving in terms of standards and organization.

To provide the users of its products with consistent quality, Kerneos also regularly monitors production in the group's 8 ISO 9001-certified plants.

Customer care and availability

With more than twenty subsidiaries throughout the world, Kerneos distributes its alumina cements and mortars in about 100 countries. Always attentive to its clients' expectations, Kerneos also makes its expertise available for solving client issues, from the most basic to the most complex, thanks to its 4 application laboratories.

Kerneos in figures

  • 417 million euros in sales for 2016.
  • 1,500 employees worldwide.
  • more than 100 countries served by our sales network.

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Le Teil plant, France

West Thurrock plant, UK.

Jules Bied, inventor of CIMENT FONDU® (high alumina cement), 1908

French construction site, early 20th century, foundation piles of Clichy's Beaujon hospital, France

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