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Calcium aluminates: Kerneos technology for better performance

As a materials manufacturer, Kerneos highlights the exceptional properties of calcium aluminates with its full range of high added value products and solutions that combine resistance, (to heat, corrosion, abrasion, etc.) setting and rapid hardening.

World leader in calcium aluminate technology, Kerneos develops innovative solutions that match its clients' expectations. For more than a century, the group has manufactured hydraulic cements, mortars, ready-to-use concretes and aggregates, with the following primary properties:

  • fast hardening and drying
  • resistance to heat
  • resistance to corrosion
  • resistance to abrasion

High-resistance materials

While CIMENT FONDU® is still the leading Kerneos product at the worksite, other high-technology binders are available to meet the expectations of all professionals and all types of worksites:

  • FONDAG®, ready-to-use refractory concrete
  • FONDULIT®, refractory mortar
  • SECAR®, hydraulic binder, resistant to extreme temperatures

Using a variety of Kerneos products makes it possible to achieve resistance that is even more remarkable. For example, some concretes or mortars formulated using the binder SECAR® mixed with aggregates can withstand temperatures up to 1600°C!

Varied applications

The performance of Kerneos products offers an appropriate solution for professionals who want to save time, expect quality or are faced with challenging working conditions. Alumina binders and mortars can be used for the following types of projects:

  • sewers (systems, pipes, etc.)
  • civil engineering and mining (roads, etc.)
  • industrial buildings (foundries, chemical industry, steel plants, etc.)
  • mountain or coastal areas, etc.

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Kerneos research and technology center

Ring shear tester making it possible to observe the shearing properties of powders

Ternary phase diagram of melting points

Kerneos research and technology center

La Violette laboratory site, 1954

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