CIMENT FONDU®: Setting accelerator for Portland cements Or Cement for concrete in extreme conditions

When added to a regular cement, CIMENT FONDU® accelerates drying and hardening for concretes and mortars, for all those small jobs that require a quick return to operations (masonry or plumbing joints, etc.)

When used in a mixture, CIMENT FONDU® speeds up setting for mortars made with regular cement. A simple step that saves a considerable amount of time when making reveals, levelling courses and joints at the worksite.


Mixed with aggregates as a sole binder, CIMENT FONDU® concrete is highly resistant to impacts, temperature variations and different types of corrosion.

CIMENT FONDU® is a calcium aluminate-based hydraulic binder that, unlike traditional cements, can achieve high mechanical strength (C25-30) 6 hours after application. The product's performance benefits professionals in both new construction and renovation activities, as well as public works and road-construction professionals, for all their demanding and urgent projects. As an example, a project using CIMENT FONDU® concrete can resume operations 6 hours after being poured, and a floor covering can be laid after 48 hours. It is, for example, ideal for projects by the ocean (sets quickly while the tide is out). CIMENT FONDU® is compliant with standard NF EN 14647.

Concrete work in cold weather

With CIMENT FONDU®, masons and construction and public works professionals can make concrete or mortar in cold weather, even when temperatures are below freezing (up to -5°C). Ideal for projects at altitude, in industry, repairs to cold rooms, etc.

Resistance to high temperatures or harsh environments

With the right aggregates, concretes and mortars made with CIMENT FONDU® are resistant to heat (up to 1200 °C) and to corrosion (pH ≥ 4). Ideal for projects exposed to high temperatures (fireplaces, barbecues, ovens, foundries, refractory bricklaying, etc.), and to chemical hazards (farm buildings, etc.).

Resistance to sulfates

Concrete made with CIMENT FONDU® can be used for projects by the ocean or in sulfate environments*. According to French standard FD P15-010, CIMENT FONDU® is classified as PMES (seawater setting).

* sea salt or ice-melting salt

CIMENT FONDU® concrete can be made at the worksite or in a concrete plant.