the ultra-resistant refractory mortar

FONDULIT® is a ready-to-use refractory mortar formulated using alumina cements and aggregates that can withstand temperatures up to 1 300°C. This means it can be used by artisans for projects exposed to fire andor to very high temperatures: bread ovens, barbecues, chimneys, etc.

High-temperature mortar for joints

FONDULIT® is used by artisans in the construction and public works sector for projects that can withstand very high temperatures (up to 1 300°C). The refractory mortar is used to create lasting and high-quality joints in masonry elements (refractory bricks and blocks).

Seawater-setting mortar (PM)

According to standard NF EN 206-1, professionals must use a mortar that is resistant to sea salt and water containing sulfates for all projects located between 0.5 km and 5 km (about 0.3 to 3 miles) from the sea. With its anti-corrosion properties, FONDULIT® is frequently used for laying and grouting tiles.